Overalls are back in town!!

Overalls are back in town!!


Oh yeah! Overalls are back in style!!  Here's a little vintage history about this piece of clothing that has survived the centuries!


Invented in the 1750's, overalls were then used as a protective article of clothing to prevent work related wears and tears. They were then only worn by workers especially those in the railroad industry.

Afterwards, in 1776, the Americans included overalls as part of their military uniforms. They were the first country to do so. The overalls were made of canvas to be worn by the cavalry.

By 1785, civilians in England and America started wearing overalls in everyday moments. In the 1800's with the arrival of cheap cotton, Denim was born. The overalls were transformed! In 1889 Levi's Strauss made overalls their own by adding copper rivets to solidify the stress points of cotton duck overalls. The ''modern'' overalls were born.

Since then overalls continue to be an important part of street fashion as well as everyday fashion. Many star icons have once posed with the famous Levi's overalls! At KILOfripe we are proud to sell different vintage overalls like Levi's, Lee, Liberty or Washington Dee Cee. A great collection to see in stores!

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